National Mediation Conference 2021: Submissions closing soon

Old Telegraph Station, Alice Springs (A. Boyle 2021)

Submissions for presentation at NMC2021 – closing soon

There is less than one week to submit your proposal for presentation at the 2021 National Mediation Conference to be held in Alice Springs from 1 – 4 September.  The extended proposal submission deadline is 14 March 2021.

The conference is designed to accommodate the needs of those who may not be able to travel to Alice Springs by providing opportunities for both face-to-face and online presentations.

NMC2021 provides an opportunity for all those with an interest in mediation and DR to share knowledge, skills and ideas with a focus on learning about the role of conflict management in achieving true reconciliation.  The conference theme, “One Story”, describes the situation when a conflict has been resolved and no longer exists, when everyone walks away with a single, mutually respectful story.  The theme also reflects a broader perception of the commonalities among all people, and has application across all areas of DR.

In alphabetical order, the conference streams are:

  1. Approaches to conflict in First Nations and Indigenous contexts, including community-based conflict management;
  2. Business and construction; workplace and employment;
  3. Community-focused mediation, and other community-focused processes;
  4. Conciliation, including statutory and industry programs;
  5. Court-connected DR services, including services associated with courts and tribunals;
  6. Dispute system design, online DR, and technological innovations;
  7. Elder mediation, and other specialist areas of practice;
  8. Family mediation and dispute resolution, including FDR;
  9. Peace-making, peace-building, transitional justice, reconciliation, and civil society;
  10. Research, training, and education: building a rigorous evidence base for DR;
  11. Restorative and innovative approaches to conflict.

The Conference Design Committee is fully conscious of the contributions made by intercultural and multicultural considerations to the enrichment of all DR sectors and will give preference to proposals that include them.  The Committee will also give priority to the following criteria:

  • The stated conference theme;
  • The introduction of new and innovative concepts not previously canvassed or fully explored in mediation and DR;
  • The inclusion of innovative and engaging presentation techniques;
  • Where applicable, the rigour of any research to be included in the presentation, or on which it relies;
  • The inclusion of credible demonstration of the importance of subject matter to mediation and/or to DR, and to the preferred conference stream;
  • The inclusion of intercultural, cross-cultural and/or multicultural considerations;
  • the potential appeal of the proposal to a broad spectrum of delegates; the proposal should include appropriate comments if it would appeal more to one cross-section of the sector (eg, newly trained practitioners, or experienced practitioners);
  • The demonstrated capacity of the proposal to allocate appropriate time for coverage of the topic and, if using multiple presenters, strategies for including all presenters; and
  • A clear title of the proposal conveying to delegates what they can expect from the session.

To submit your proposal, please contact the Conference Organiser (by phone or email) who will email a link to you:

Rosie Fall, Conference Organiser

Ph: 08 8942 3388

email: events

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Alysoun has a PhD from the University of Newcastle (2020) and her main area of interest is empirical research methods. Her major research project applied a metaresearch approach to empirical studies of mediation, in an effort to find out what is known about mediator effectiveness. In addition to ADR Research Network, she is a founding member of ADRAC, a member of the Law & Society Association (USA), and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). She was a member of the American Bar Association (ABA) Section of Dispute Resolution Task Force on Research on Mediator Techniques until that Task Force's disbandment following publication of its Final Report in 2017. She is a Director of National Mediation Conferences Ltd. Alysoun is an experienced DR practitioner and educator/trainer. She is also the Call Out Officer for her local brigade in the NSW Rural Fire Service. Contact:

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