Harvard program on negotiation – graduate research fellowships

I saw this and thought some of our graduate research scholars who follow this blog might be interested. 

student harvard

Accepted Students Day 2018 by PresbyPhotos (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Harvard University’s Law School invites applications for graduate research fellowships under its programme on negotiation. This supports dissertation research and writing in negotiation and related topics in alternative dispute resolution and gives fellows an opportunity to immerse themselves in the diverse resources available at the programme on negotiation. The purpose is to give doctoral students who are writing their dissertations the opportunity to be part of the programme on negotiation community.

PhD students enrolled in programmes outside of the US may apply. Candidates in the fields of economics, psychology, sociology, anthropology, international relations, public policy, urban planning, business and law are encouraged to apply. Candidates must have completed all degree requirements except for their dissertation. Graduate law students are eligible in connection with scholarly research undertaken to satisfy their Doctor of Juridical Science thesis requirements.

The fellowship lasts for one year and includes a stipend of USD 26,000, communal work space, library access and other privileges at Harvard.


  • Closing date 08 Feb 19
  • Deadline information This call is repeated once a year.

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About Associate Professor Becky Batagol

Dr Becky Batagol is an Associate Professor of law at the Faculty of Law, Monash University and at Monash Sustainable Development Institute. She is a researcher and teacher with a focus on family law, family violence, non-adversarial justice, dispute resolution, gender, child protection and constitutional law. Becky is the co-author of Non-Adversarial Justice (2nd ed, 2014), Bargaining in the Shadow of the Law? The Case of Family Mediation (2011) and the author of many academic articles. Becky is the chief-editor of the ADR Research Network blog and tweets regularly under the handle @BeckyBatagol. Becky is the Chief Editor of the Australian Dispute Resolution Research Network blog. In 2017 Becky was the President of the Australian Dispute Resolution Research Network.

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