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The next National Mediation Conference will convene in Canberra on 15-17 April next year.  the Conference streams include one devoted to DR research: Research, Education, and Training: Building a rigorous research base for DR.  Although the stream will have a broad focus on the many facets of DR research and education, the Conference Design Committee is keen to provide an opportunity for conference delegates to gain an appreciation of what is happening in current DR research round Australia.  To this end, they have suggested that a specific session be included in that stream, and that it be dedicated to reports from current PhD candidates for whom some aspect of DR is the focus of their research.  The research project does not have to be completed in order to be included in the session.  Nor does participation in this session require the submission of a formal Abstract for the conference.

The session is expected to provide conference delegates with a sense of what is happening in DR research, and to provide current researchers with a sense of what their research colleagues are doing.

If you are a PhD candidate focusing on one or more aspects of DR and you would like to participate in this session, please email me directly at: alysounboyle@gmail.com   If you know someone else who is a PhD candidate and might be interested in participating, please encourage them to email me.

Conference website: https://nmc2019.com.au/

Alysoun Boyle, Chair, NMC2019 Conference Design Committee, Co-Convenor, NMC2019

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About AlysounBoyle

Alysoun has a PhD from the University of Newcastle (2020) and her main area of interest is empirical research methods. Her major research project applied a metaresearch approach to empirical studies of mediation, in an effort to find out what is known about mediator effectiveness. In addition to ADR Research Network, she is a founding member of ADRAC, a member of the Law & Society Association (USA), and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). She was a member of the American Bar Association (ABA) Section of Dispute Resolution Task Force on Research on Mediator Techniques until that Task Force's disbandment following publication of its Final Report in 2017. She is a Director of National Mediation Conferences Ltd. Alysoun is an experienced DR practitioner and educator/trainer. She is also the Call Out Officer for her local brigade in the NSW Rural Fire Service. Contact: alysounboyle@gmail.com

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