Network Roundtable in Hobart – What a programme!


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Finally, the 2016 Australian Dispute Resolution Research Network Roundtable has arrived in climatically changeable Hobart. We have an amazing selection of works in progress to be rigorously discussed in a mutually supportive environment. The Roundtable is an opportunity for risk taking and community building. Presenters (some speaking on behalf of co-authors) and their working titles are (in the order to be discussed):

  • Olivia Rundle, A method to unlock hidden research expertise: making “failure” visible
  • Lola Akin Ojelabi, Exploring ”voice” in mediation
  • Becky Batagol, Beyond family law: Mediating family violence safely
  • John Woodward, ADR in the Federal Circuit Court – A case of falling between two stools?
  • Dominique Allen, Using ADR to resolve Workplace Discrimination Claims: Pitfall and Benefits
  • Alpana Roy, Online dispute resolution in the domain name space
  • Emma-May Litchfield, The importance of understanding the stories of mediation trainers
  • Jon Crowe, Two models of mediation ethics
  • Sue Douglas, Socio-legal constructions of impartiality in mediation
  • Lisa Toohey, Information use in negotiating post-separation parenting arrangements: A pilot study
  • Samantha Kontra, Legal negotiation: What is in a definition
  • Geneveive Grant, Preparing the future profession: online dispute resolution in legal education
  • Bobette Wolski, Ethical duties owed by mediators: Lessons from Australia’s NMAS Practice Standards
  • Bruno Zeller, The utility of Article 34 and 36 of the Model Law. The issue of public policy?

Our commentators include the above presenters as well as Kate Curnow, Rosemary Howell, Pauline Roach and Samantha Hardy.

Watch for live tweeting during the Roundtable @adrresearch #ADRRN16

Discussion sessions will be held to talk about this blog and the way that we organise the network, membership, and positions. If you are not participating in the Roundtable but would like to offer your point of view, please contact Becky Batagol about the blog and Jon Crowe about the Network’s membership and structure.

Watch this space for news of what happens to the works in progress after the Roundtable. We hope that all authors will make a post during 2017 to report what happened next.

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About Dr Olivia Rundle

Dr Rundle is a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Law, University of Tasmania. She has worked as a nationally accredited mediator and a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner. Dr Rundle is especially interested in the role of lawyers in dispute resolution processes and the policy environment that positively encourages lawyers to engage with dispute resolution. She teaches and researches in broad areas of Dispute Resolution, Civil Procedure and Family Law.

4 thoughts on “Network Roundtable in Hobart – What a programme!

  1. A fabulous weekend of wonderful presentations from some very talented and innovative thought leaders. I was honoured to be able to be there.


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