3 Signs That You (Or Your Clients) Are Dispute-Savvy

This post by Emma-May Litchfield and Danielle Hutchinson originally appeared on the Global Pound Conference Blog.

Global Pound Conference Blog

display concepts with clipping pathWhether you are a dispute resolution practitioner or a commercial operator, you know that some manage to navigate the commercial dispute resolution world more effectively than others. What distinguishes those who thrive from those who barely survive?

The answer may be simpler than you think, but the implications of understanding this could have a big impact on the way you approach commercial disputes.

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2 thoughts on “3 Signs That You (Or Your Clients) Are Dispute-Savvy

  1. Those of us who teach and practise in the ADR community are aware that there has been an absence of qualitative data to explain what influences parties and their advisors as they engage in ADR processes. We do have some quantitative information, but it is far from rich – produced primarily from a forced-choice questionnaire process. Drawn from the robust conversations provoked by the GPC discussion questions, this blog gives us a taste of the qualitative data we have been missing. Great to see this contribution from the next generation of young academics. ‘Dispute savvy’ has entered our vocabulary!


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