Researcher Profile: Meet Dalma Demeter

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Dr Dalma R Demeter is an Assistant Professor in Law at the University of Canberra. She is also an international arbitrator, and a legal practitioner for almost twenty years. Dalma has a truly international background encompassing both civil law and common law education and practice, with law degrees from leading European and US universities and Australian qualifications in higher education. She is teaching and researching in international dispute resolution, arbitration, international sales and trade law, and mooting. She is also coaching and arbitrating for the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot in both Hong Kong and Vienna. Her teaching is based on extensive research, and her teaching excellence has been recognised by several awards both locally and internationally. She is supervising doctoral research in dispute resolution and trade law, and she has recently initiated the establishment of a Graduate certificate in dispute resolution program at UC, expected to be launched in 2017.

Combining teaching with practice, Dalma is also an arbitrator in international commercial disputes and a partner at the Australasian Dispute Resolution Centre. She is a member of the Executive Committee of the UNCITRAL National Coordination Committee for Australia (UNCCA), of the Law Council of Australia International Division, of the ACT Law Society International Lawyers’ Committee, and of numerous arbitral institutions globally. She is also a contributor to law reform inquiries in private international law, alternative dispute resolution and international trade law. She is fluent in English, Hungarian and Romanian.

Dalma’s research

Dalma’s current research focuses on improving access to and efficiency in dispute resolution more broadly. Throughout 2016, Dalma is researching internationally on a number of different projects.

Global Pound Conference Series

Dalma serves on the Academic Review Committee for the Global Pound Conference Series. The Global Pound Conference Series is a large-scale project investigating the efficiency of adjudicative and non-adjudicative dispute resolution mechanisms globally from the perspective of the expectations and preferences of four major stakeholder groups: users, advisors, providers, and influencers (i.e. researchers and regulators). The project aims to initiate a global dialogue about dispute resolution in civil and commercial matters, with the data collected to serve as basis for future reform initiatives.

Legal harmonisation works of the UNCITRAL in Vienna. 

Dalma is contributing to the UNCITRAL Secretariat’s work on the development of a conciliation convention for the enforcement of settlement agreements. She is also providing input into the Secretariat’s recommendations with regard to the EU initiative towards establishing an investment court, impacting on the field of international arbitration more broadly.

Max Planck Institute for International, European, Regulatory and Procedural Law in Luxembourg

Dalma will be developing a future project to look into multicultural influences affecting choices and efficiency of dispute resolution processes. The project will serve as basis for developing a complex dispute profiling tool to assist parties in a case-by-case matching of a given dispute with the most suitable dispute resolution mechanism, as well as the characteristics and qualifications of the most suitable third party neutral. The scope of the proposed tool is for dispute resolution mechanisms to achieve the parties’ desired outcome with the least disruption, time and money spent on procedural arguments, improving access to justice through procedural efficiency.

UN Trade Law Commission in New York

Dalma was invited to present her access to justice initiatives to delegates of the UN Trade Law Commission as part of a Rule of Law panel organised in July 2016 in New York. The Commission works towards practical measures to facilitate access to justice in the commercial law context, in particular by micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises.

Future focus

Dalma is interested in collaborations with other Australian or international researchers and educators of dispute resolution, and is happy to be contacted with questions about any of the projects she is currently involved in. Her preferred contact email is

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About Dr Olivia Rundle

Dr Rundle is a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Law, University of Tasmania. She has worked as a nationally accredited mediator and a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner. Dr Rundle is especially interested in the role of lawyers in dispute resolution processes and the policy environment that positively encourages lawyers to engage with dispute resolution. She teaches and researches in broad areas of Dispute Resolution, Civil Procedure and Family Law.

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