LEADR & IAMA become “Resolution Institute”

On Friday 4th September 2015, LEADR and IAMA, two of Australia’s largest dispute resolution service providers completed the final stage of their amalgamation.  LEADR and IAMA formally integrated on 1 January 2015.  Previously, they had worked as separate organisations, seeking to improve awareness and quality of ADR practices in Australia.  To an extent, they were also in competition with each other to attract membership fees, and to provide training programs to members of the public.  The final part of their amalgamation was to announce a new name and logo.  The new name is “Resolution Institute”.  The logo is pictured below.

ri-logo01Because organisations like the new Resolution Institute offer so many services and purport to do so many things, I’m always keeping my eye out for little statements that neatly sum up what they really do.  I haven’t been able to find a branded Resolution Institute constitution yet, but I suspect that it will contain a purpose/object section similar to the LEADR & IAMA constitution.

The Objects of the company are to:

  1. promote the use of dispute resolution (DR) practised by its Members;
  2. foster the use of DR to prevent, manage and resolve conflict and disputes;
  3. contribute to the growth and development of DR through consultation with government, business, individuals and other organisations;
  4. provide information about DR and about DR practitioners to the public;
  5. develop and support high standards of practice in DR;
  6. provide and encourage the provision of education, training, accreditation and research in DR; and
  7. provide services to support the professional development and practices of DR practitioners.

With the people sitting behind this new organisation, there is every reason to think this merger will work.  One question (and perhaps a little controversial) I’d like to propose to blog readers is this:

Are there downsides to LEADR and IAMA merging?

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About Mr James Duffy

James Duffy studied Commerce and Law at the University of Queensland, completing his studies in 2004. In 2005 James worked as an Associate to His Honour Judge Michael Shanahan DCJ and in 2006 worked as an Associate to His Honour Justice Glen Williams JA AO. After working briefly in private practice, James commenced sessional teaching at both The University of Queensland Business School (Accounting & Corporate Finance) and the QUT School of Law. James joined the QUT Faculty of Law as an Associate Lecturer in 2009 and completed his Masters of Law in 2011. Research Interests - Alternative Dispute Resolution - Non-Adversarial Justice - Psychology and the Law - Positive Psychology

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