ADR in legal education

There is now a groundswell call for increased adoption of ADR in legal education to develop non-adversarial practice in law students.


For example, in 2014 the Productivity Commission has recommended the inclusion of ADR in legal education (see chapter 7).


Whilst acknowledging that legal education must meet the needs of both students and a diverse array of stakeholders the productivity commission has also recognised the need for improved provision of ADR education in a law degree.The future of legal education arguably requires that ADR teachers are recognised and valued for the unique contribution that they provide to legal education.  ADR teachers provide a combination of theory and practice in dispute resolution that enriches legal pedagogy.

Many universities now include ADR as a mandatory course.  We all need to support the mandatory inclusion of ADR in legal education to ensure the development of non-adversarial practice in law

1 thought on “ADR in legal education

  1. Great piece Kathy. But how many reports does it take to turn on the lightbulb? The Priestly 11 is being reviewed, but will dispute resolution be there?

    Dr Becky Batagol

    Senior Lecturer Faculty of Law, Monash University



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