Call for Papers to 4th ADR Research Network Round Table

We are very excited to announce our Call for Papers for the 4th ADR Research Network Round Table to be held at the Faculty of Law, University of New South Wales, on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th September 2015.

The round tables are designed to encourage a collaborative and supportive research environment in which papers are workshopped and discussed in detail.   Papers in draft form are distributed ahead of time to participants, to enable thoughtful and constructive quality feedback. On the day, speakers are given up to 30 minutes for presentation, with equal time for discussion.

We welcome proposals that consider dispute resolution from a scholarly, critical and/or empirical perspective. We particularly encourage submissions from postgraduate students and early career researchers. All proposals will be considered. Papers must not have been published or submitted for publication, as the focus is work in progress.

There will be a limit to the number of papers able to be part of the round table discussions. A panel will select round table papers from abstracts submitted. The aim is to be as inclusive as time and numbers allow. The following selection criteria will be applied:

– papers take a scholarly, critical and/or empirical perspective on an area of dispute resolution;

– the round table will include a spread of participants across stages of career; and

– a well-balanced range of work will be presented at the round table to provide diversity, to develop the field and to enable cohesive discussion.

Participation is on a self-funded basis.

Deadline for Abstracts:      30 March 2015

(300 words maximum, to

Date for notification:       15 April 2015

       Draft Papers due:            1 August 2015

Please see the full Call for Papers document for more detail: Call for Papers 4th ADR Research Network Round Table

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About Dr Olivia Rundle

Dr Rundle is a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Law, University of Tasmania. She has worked as a nationally accredited mediator and a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner. Dr Rundle is especially interested in the role of lawyers in dispute resolution processes and the policy environment that positively encourages lawyers to engage with dispute resolution. She teaches and researches in broad areas of Dispute Resolution, Civil Procedure and Family Law.

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