An economist and a lawyer went to lunch… reflections of the Productivity Commission’s Access to Civil Justice Inquiry

The Australian Centre for Justice Innovation (ACJI) and the Australian Institute of Judicial Administration (AIJA) are hosting a lecture on the Productivity Commission Access to Justice Arrangements Inquiry. The report, released in December last year, had made many recommendations regarding dispute resolution and access to justice, including increased use of ADR by the courts.

The lecture will be delivered by Dr Warren Mundy, a Commissioner of the Productivity Commission and the Presiding Commissioner on the Commission’s Access to Civil Justice Inquiry.

In this lecture, Dr Mundy will reflect on the findings and recommendations of the Productivity Commission’s inquiry into Access to Civil Justice. In particular, he will explore the application of economics to the examination of civil justice policy and institutions and discuss future challenges to improving access to civil justice.

This lecture precedes a full day seminar on 26 June 2015, jointly convened by ACJI and AIJA. Further details will be provided at a later date on the AIJA and ACJI websites.

A flyer for the lecture to be held in the Melbourne CBD at 12.30 pm on Friday 13 February 2015 an be downloaded here.

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About Associate Professor Becky Batagol

Dr Becky Batagol is an Associate Professor of law at the Faculty of Law, Monash University and at Monash Sustainable Development Institute. She is a researcher and teacher with a focus on family law, family violence, non-adversarial justice, dispute resolution, gender, child protection and constitutional law. Becky is the co-author of Non-Adversarial Justice (2nd ed, 2014), Bargaining in the Shadow of the Law? The Case of Family Mediation (2011) and the author of many academic articles. Becky is the chief-editor of the ADR Research Network blog and tweets regularly under the handle @BeckyBatagol. Becky is the Chief Editor of the Australian Dispute Resolution Research Network blog. In 2017 Becky was the President of the Australian Dispute Resolution Research Network.

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