Career opportunities in dispute resolution, Sydney

Two outstanding career opportunities have come up in Sydney:

A new role as General Manager for LEADR   described in the position description in the following terms:

The GM (Aust) will be responsible to the CEO for managing the day to day operations of LEADR in Australia, will contribute to projects that have Australasia-wide application and will assist in identifying opportunities and relevant developments. The GM (Aust) will also work collaboratively with member committees and an energetic team to deliver a range of services to members, to raise business and community knowledge about ADR, to influence government and statutory authorities to promote the use of ADR and to encourage the continued development of ADR standards.

The Parramatta Community Justice Centre is also advertising a range of full and part time mediation advisors.  Again, from the position description:

Mediation Advisors are the first point of contact for clients and referrers seeking information regarding CJC services.  Mediation Advisors are responsible for assisting clients and referrers with their enquiries maintaining a high standard of individual client data entry and working as part of team.

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